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Close Quarter Battle or as we call Combat was the original term used by the military to describe a non-armed physical confrontation between two or more combatants. It is typically taught in an aggressive regimented way to prepare soldiers or police officers to operate safely and survive a close range physical situation. In more recent times the term has been replaced by Close Quarter Combat or Combatives and is taught to specialist units or those taking the S.E.R.E. course.

Allot of the modern teachings stem from the concepts originating from Fairbairn & Sykes, two pivotal figures. During World War 2, W. Fairbairn, Eric Sykes and Rex Applegate developed training programmes for both British and American specialist units.

Today the RAID Close Quarter Combat training is delivered in a traditional way but for the everyday person, the system is recognised and certified by the British Combat Association (BCA). This form of training is being widely adopted as a self defence system to manage the situations of today. We have developed a grading syllabus to enable individuals to progress through the system. There are 9 grades (each having 3 clear modes, Defensive Action, Immediate Action & Offensive Action) that are colour codes from Yellow (for beginners) through to Grey (for instructors):

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